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Victim : Javonta Harrison is 'the devil himself'

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Javonta Jermel Harrison. (Source: Lake Charles Police Department) Javonta Jermel Harrison. (Source: Lake Charles Police Department)

Javonta Harrison, who raped a woman at gunpoint and recorded video of it, will spend the rest of his life in prison.

State District Judge Guy Bradberry sentenced Harrison to life in prison for aggravated rape, in addition to 104 years for armed robbery with a firearm and 30 years for aggravated burglary.

Calcasieu Assistant District Attorney Jacob Johnson said the victim has suffered tremendously.

"She has been through hell," he said.

In a letter to the court, the victim called Harrison the devil himself and told how he ruined her life.

She said Harrison shows no remorse for his crime or that her young daughter was in the next room.

"The victim will never be able to feel secure in her own home again because it occurred in the wee morning hours as she was sleeping. Mr. Harrison broke into her home through her window unit, came into her bedroom, raped her at gunpoint," said Johnson

If the victim had not come forward, Harrison might still be walking the streets. Johnson said it shows the importance of reporting such crimes.

"I understand fear and I understand embarrassment. But what happens when these kinds of things don't get reported is that rapists and pedophiles and molesters go on doing what they did. And it only exposes more victims to that type of heinous crime," said Johnson.

During the trial, eight minutes of cell phone video of the crime was played for jurors. Johnson said not all of the crime was recorded. He said they're fortunate Lake Charles police found that evidence.

"She went through a lot more than was on that video. He videoed only part of the crime.  I can only surmise that it was his cocky nature - wanting to show it to some of his friends. He certainly never intended to get caught with the video - that I can tell you," said Johnson.

In her letter, the victim told Harrison, "I bet you feel stupid now."

"She did (say that) and I would say that's spot on. That's spot on," said Johnson

The judge called the victim the bravest and most courageous he's ever seen in court and expressed hope that she will one day find peace. Bradberry also said he hoped she would gain some satisfaction from knowing that Harrison will spend the rest of his life in jail and gain some added comfort in the healing process.

All three of Harrison’s sentences run at the same time and all are at hard labor. For aggravated rape he receives no benefit of probation, parole or suspension of sentence.

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