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Lovebugs are back!

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(Source: Candy Rodriguez/KPLC) (Source: Candy Rodriguez/KPLC)

Lovebugs are back and they're everywhere.

The nuisance pest has newcomers, like Margaret Stevens, to the area asking, "What can you do to get rid of them?

But many in Southwest Louisiana have their own remedies on how to get rid of the flying couples. 

"WD-40," said Sandy Doherty.

"Dryer sheets," Latara Smith said.

"Car wax," said Lance Howard.

Although they may not bite or sting, they can potentially cost you hundreds of dollars if they end up on your car.

"They're acidic, said Don's Car Wash manager Joseph Darbonne, who has witnessed the pests come and go semi-annually.

"They will stick to your paint immediately so you have to get them off with some elbow grease and a pressure gun," he said. 

"There's not really anything you can do to manage them because they are in all the ditches so you just have to tolerate them," said Dennis Ring, an entomologist at the LSU Ag Center. 

So whether you like them, like Donnisha Joshua: "They're cute," or dislike them, like Reginald Eaglin:"I can't stand them."

"People say they're good luck but they're just aggravating; they're very aggravating," Eaglin said. 

The lovebugs will be here for at least a few weeks.

 "You're going to meet them; they're coming, and they're coming to a windshield near you," Darbonne said.

Here are some tips to get rid of the lovebugs:
  • Try to keep all your driving to after sundown, when lovebugs are not active and flying around.
  • Drive your car at low speeds, to avoid the bugs from smashing into your hood and windshield.
  • The remains of dead lovebugs can be tough to wash off if not removed soon enough.
  • Waxing your car before swarming season, will make it easy to wash off the dead bugs from the car.
  • You could wipe the car with cooking spray to reduce the stickiness of the dead bugs' bodies. However, be sure that the car's paint is resistant to such materials, because the paint on some automobiles, can get damaged by the spray.
  • Use a car mask during swarming season, dead lovebugs will splatter on the mask, rather than on your car.
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